These are some images of past work.  All images are by Larry Sanders.


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  2. When I see the images of your “past work”, I can’t wait to see your “new work”.
    Absolutely incredible, gorgeous, fabulous, I definitely love it ! Thank you…
    I register right now to get your new posts !


  3. Simply Stunning…Ingenious…artistly innovative mixed media…thanks for sharing…anxiously awaiting your future works…you should publish…LIKE…LOVEEEE YOUR WORK!!!!!


  4. I love your work and the your use of color is awesome. Very inspiring for me. cannot wait to see more of your work


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  6. I just finished watching your learning videos at the cooltools website. I loved them! I have tried in the past to manipulate polymere clay and I just could NOT get the hang of it. After watching your videos I had the confidence to try it again and have succeeded! IT sure will take me a while to become art worthy for sure! I won’t stop trying now that I have the basics which is what I was lacking.
    You have provided what I was missing, thank you.
    Your work is amazing, please do not stop making your art or your videos. There are many of us that really enjoy it!!
    Thank you again.


  7. Thank you so much, Susan, for your kind words. There is a learning curve for sure, but once you get the hang of it it’s addictive. I’m so glad you are having success now. Keep claying and have fun!



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