About Me

The focus of my work has always been colorAs a child, one of my greatest pleasures was a new box of crayons or colored pencils in my school bag. For me, color is like nourishment, and being surrounded by colors I love is very important to me. The winters here in Wisconsin can drag on for a long, long time and even though I know white and grey and brown are all colors, I find myself in yarn shops or bead shops or fabric shops during the winter months just to get my “color fix.”

I’ve worked in just about every fiber medium there is, and previous to making jewelry I was a studio art quilter. When I found polymer clay, I was totally hooked (the colors!) and started to make jewelry. I’ve been a studio jewelry artist for about seven years now. After a few years I realized that the addition of precious metals could really help make the clay look more “grown up”, so I learned some metalsmithing techniques. The recent craze in felting and knitting has brought me back to my fiber roots. Now I like to also combine felt in some of my work. There’s a very pleasurable tactile quality to felt and I enjoy juxtaposing the soft fuzziness of felt with the smoothness of the clay.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and sharing my journey.




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