food for the mind

Second day at the conference and they’re still feeding us! You can’t turn around anywhere without seeing more food. And it’s all really, really delicious food.

But we’re also feeding our brains at the same pace. The panel discussions are very enlightening and provoking — charting the path of polymer from the very beginning to where it is now (a whole museum exhibit devoted to the material!), to where it could/should/might be going in the future; how to possibly implement that course… My head will probably explode before I go home tomorrow (not to mention my waistband!).

This morning’s panel, from left to right: Pier Voulkos, Bruce Pepich, Lena Vigna, Rachel Carren, Kathleen Dustin, and Tory Hughes.

An attentive and participatory audience:

Followed by a wonderful lunch and a leisurely walk back to the room to post this (and decompress!). Another panel discussion starts in about half an hour.







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