The above url is now the domain of my website, and this blog will now be found at debradewolff.wordpress.com. Sorry for the confusion if anybody had a hard time finding me while we made the transfer.

Many of you are probably thinking, “What’s the big deal? Everybody has a website these days.” Right? My memory may be faulty (in fact, I’m sure it is) but I think I had an easier time giving birth to my three children than I did getting my website up and running! But it’s finally finished. My enduring thanks go to my brilliant and very patient web developer/designer, Melissa Miller, who is also a fantastic mosaic artist. She really did all the work, including listening to my desires and demands and silly questions. But I had a definite vision, and she was the person I chose to make it real. Most of my problem is that I don’t speak tech. It’s a completely foreign language to me. Gibberish, really. So I especially thank poor Melissa for being so patient while trying to get me to understand how things work (which I’m sure was a lot like trying to explain calculus to your dog). But if I’m going to have a business, I have to do my best to understand as much as I can. So much business these days is e-commerce that I think you’re really missing the boat if you don’t sell online as well as at shows and galleries.

Oh, and the photography! I had to take photos of the images I’m going to sell on my website, right? That’s also something that did NOT come easily to me. But I’m pretty happy with the images of my work that are in my online store. They’re not professional, but they’re good enough. It’s a totally separate category of photography when you’re taking pictures of small jewelry items. And the smaller the item, the trickier it can be, especially if you don’t want to pop for a macro lens. But I’d never even played with a camera before. I’ve never been the one who takes pictures at family gatherings, or has their camera ready to go at all times while on vacation. I usually don’t even remember to take my camera with me on vacations. I’m so new to photography that I had to learn about things like depth of field, f-stop, aperture, white balance, etc. I still don’t really know what all those things mean, but I figured enough things out to get some pretty decent shots. And I sure am glad we don’t work with film anymore. That would have been cost prohibitive in my case what with all the experimentation and struggles I had.

And yes, I’m sure there are little things I’m going to want to change, or tweak, or whatever. There may be problems that we’ll run into that will need fixing. But it’s up upon the World Wide Web and I’m in business. Whew! I feel like I should be passing out cigars or something.


6/23/16: Sorry, this website no longer exists.



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  1. Thanks, Sadie. And in reference to my childbirth comment, I said my memory was faulty, didn’t I? You three children were obviously a much greater achievement than a website. Duh! But memories fade over time, thankfully in some cases. Who wants to remember how difficult it is to give birth??


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