just call me “flower face”

Something I’ve discovered in recent years is that the older you get, the less you care about what you look like or what people think. When I asked Larry for a head shot and he said, and I quote, “Now, don’t faint, but what if you covered your face in polymer clay?”, at first I told him he was nuts. I still think he’s nuts, but then I decided to go with it, just for fun. I thought about mehndi, bindi and tribal face painting, and thought, why not? Some of that can be really beautiful and the whole process just may be a lot of fun. I also thought that it might be a photo I never wanted anyone to see – EVER, but I might as well go for it and see what happens. For people who were already convinced that I’m crazy (like my entire family), this just confirms it. But, even though I spent about four and a half hours at Larry’s studio (it took over an hour just to get all this stuff glued to my face), it was a lot of fun. The artist as her own canvas, so to speak.

I used “water soluble facial adhesive” (probably just your basic white glue in a different tube), and things slid a bit before the glue dried. But after it dried they stayed put, for the most part. Wherever I sweat the most on my face, like my upper lip, those things fell off right after the photos were taken.  I actually drove home from the studio with all this on my face!  I’m really glad I didn’t run out of gas or have to stop at the grocery store!!

This is the tray full of the bits and pieces after I’d removed them from my face (which is why some of them are stuck together). I made sure I brought enough with me so that I had some extra (in the plastic containers) just in case. The tiniest components had to be applied with a tweezers! I cut some components from some of my canes just for this photo since I knew I’d probably not be able to reuse them. I’m glad Larry was so patient (hey, it was his idea after all!) and is also such a good photographer. I think I look only mildly insane.

P.S. Just so you know, Larry also took a “normal” photo of me.


8 responses

  1. This is just great, thankyou for sharing. i think I have an idea of something to do for campout “cowboy” night. We are a bunch of classmaates from the class of `58. Am i way too old for this?


  2. I’d like to put in my order for hoop earings like these in every color available. Also, you have beautiful eyes. (I linked to this on my facebook page, just so my pharm. school homies know where the apple falls from.)


  3. I said the hell with what anyone thinks when I was in my late 50’s. Now at 60, I’m impossible. So your experiment resonates with me. I love the photo with the polymer face. It represents the joy and whimsy of creating and says that when you are creative, you are forever young! You’re a role model!!


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