out of the oven

It’s so much nicer weather now than it’s been for the majority of this summer.  And this is perfect weather for working with clay.  In the high temperatures we’ve all been dealing with recently, my clay felt like it was becoming liquid!  It’s hard to work with gooey clay.  Of course, the cold of winter presents its own problems.  But right now?  Perfect.

These beads, fresh out of the oven and now cool (just like us and the weather!), were all made from the same green striped cane.  I like to work on components and get lots of them made before I start assembling the actual pieces of jewelry.  I’ll work in a particular colorway for several days, making lots of different types of beads and component parts.  Then when I’ve amassed a fair amount, sometimes hundreds of components in several different colorways, I’ll start designing things like necklaces, bracelets and earrings using what I have.

This necklace is a good example of the way I use separate components in a piece.  By making and curing separate beads, components and small pieces of clay, rather than adhering them together to be cured, I have more options when it comes to designing my jewelry.  I can go to my polymer clay component “stash”, just like a bead stash, to find just the right color and size of bead or bead “finding” (like bead caps or head pins) that I want.


6 responses

  1. This is so lovely. I love your connections as well. Especially the blue on on the leaf. I have so much trouble making those pesky loops. I can make them when I don’t have a bead on them but as soon as I add something to them I mess them up,
    Anyway, nice work as usual!


  2. Thanks, Roberta! You’re talking about the wire work, right? Yeah, wrapped loops are a pain. But, just like anything else: practice, practice, practice!


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