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And after:

I’m ready to get to work! I now have a nice big clean surface to work on my polymer:

and also an old wooden kitchen table for metal smithing:

I added some of my favorite things to the room, things that make me smile and things that inspire me. The “before” picture is actually part-way into the reorganizing process. The room was even more full of boxes and junk than the picture shows, but I forgot to take a “before-before” photo. Since I moved into this apartment I’d been using the space strictly for storage because I hadn’t really thought that I’d be getting back into my business again. It’s a pretty small room, but it’ll work just fine. The thing is, once I get my pasta machine out and all my clays and clay tools, and my vise and bench pin and all my metal smithing tools, and actually get started on some projects… this room won’t look anything like it does in these pictures! I’m a messy artist. (But we call it “organized chaos”, right?)

Guess I’d better get to work!


8 responses

  1. Looks great! and I saw it before-before-before, so I know how much time and work you must have put into this. What a way to spend a weekend.


  2. Thanks, Sadie. It beats 11-hour shifts at the pharmacy, or selling bras and panties. Now I just have to start cranking out the inventory.


  3. Hi Deb from another Deb…..I read your post about the difficulty you have doing the business part of art, well, me too! I have my work in a gallery but have not even broken even yet, although my polymer jewelry, boxes, etc. seem to be popular. It’s very hard for me to fill out forms, send forms, find forms. I will keep your blog bookmarked to keep track of you and to cheer you on. Have you thought of contacting SCORE? I’m going to do that on Monday. And, hey, your work is awesome! Your colors and shapes speak from a joyful heart…I can’t wait to see more of it.


  4. Thanks, Deb! I used to think that just making enough to support my passion was all I could do. But now I’m trying to make a living at it, which means there has to be more coming in than going out. It’s tough! I’ve never heard of score. I’ll have to check it out.


  5. Your chaos is more organized than mine! LOL Love the quilt you have hanging in you r studio and congrats on being featured on Polymer Clay Daily. Love your components. I am working on making my own bezels. You just gotta love how versatile polymer clay is!


  6. Your work is beautiful! I also love your quilt! Did you make it?

    My studio is my biggest problem right now. I’ve got lots of large drawer space but am having trouble organizing it all. I love it when artists share their workspace…gives me ideas!

    Best regards!


  7. Thanks! Yes, I made the quilt — in my former life as a studio art quilter. I LOVE to organize. I love to have lots and lots of little boxes and storage things to put everything in (a friend of mine and I refer to it as “binnery”). Finding it once I’ve put it away? That’s another story.


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