Ubiquitous felt

Felt is everywhere these days! At the recent Bead and Button Show here in Milwaukee, there was a vendor who sold nothing but felt balls for making jewelry — a whole booth full of bags and bags of brightly colored felt balls and flat shapes like leaves and hearts, etc. And although my felt beads are made with wool that I’ve hand-dyed, and are also much firmer than the ones coming from China, the ready availability of these felt balls has prompted me to rethink some of my designs. These flowers are something new I’m working on. They’ll probably be accented with beads in the center and turned into pins. The method is wet felting (no more stuck fingers!) and the felt is kept cobweb-thin to be able to layer it without adding too much bulk.



2 responses

  1. Love these flowers – They’d look so great next to something shiny and bright made with polymer clay…
    What is wet felting? Like felting knit things?


  2. Thanks, Sadie. Wet felting, as opposed to needle felting, means using water (and a little soap) to help tangle the fibers instead of a felting needle, which is also known as dry felting. Felting something that’s been knit or crocheted is actually called “fulling”, but people usually refer to it as felting. Aren’t you so glad you asked??


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