I’m so naive.

I thought that I’d maybe like to tweak the style of my blog a bit. I read that in order to do that I’d have to know a little bit about HTML (the computer “language” that web designers speak) and CSS, which stands for “Cascading Style Sheets” and is also “computer speak”.  Geek language, in other words. I like the “For Dummies” series of books. They’re written on just about every subject you can think of. And most of the time I’m a BIG dummy, so if there’s something I want to learn, I usually turn to them. Therefore, I ordered this book so I could learn all about this geek language I knew nothing about. In my monumental naiveté I even thought that if I could master this new language, I could work on a real website all by myself. My first clue should have been where it says on the cover “8 books in 1”. Did I notice that? No, I did not.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? I mean, come on, people! This thing is bigger than the Manhattan phone book! Please!! It’s two and a half inches thick! It should be entitled “for-dummies-who-think-they’re-NOT-dummies-but-who-in-actuality-are-SO-dumb-they-don’t-even-know-how-DUMB-they-ARE!” Sorry. I’m yelling. (Breathe, Debbie, breathe.)

Needless to say, this book will be gathering a lot of dust.

But all is not lost. I found a brilliant person! Not only is Melissa Miller a fantastic mosaic artist who does absolutely gorgeous work, but she also happens to do web design, and is very good at it. I like her style, I like the way she thinks, and we’re busy working on my website together. It will have a shopping cart and everything! Having someone else design your website for you takes an enormous weight off your shoulders. It may cost a bit, but it also frees up time for working on your product (to sell on your website!). And I have great respect for anyone who can talk to a computer and get it to perform for them. Building a website takes a long time, too. There are so many decisions to be made. But… soon, people, soon!


A place for everything and everything in its place


And after:

I’m ready to get to work! I now have a nice big clean surface to work on my polymer:

and also an old wooden kitchen table for metal smithing:

I added some of my favorite things to the room, things that make me smile and things that inspire me. The “before” picture is actually part-way into the reorganizing process. The room was even more full of boxes and junk than the picture shows, but I forgot to take a “before-before” photo. Since I moved into this apartment I’d been using the space strictly for storage because I hadn’t really thought that I’d be getting back into my business again. It’s a pretty small room, but it’ll work just fine. The thing is, once I get my pasta machine out and all my clays and clay tools, and my vise and bench pin and all my metal smithing tools, and actually get started on some projects… this room won’t look anything like it does in these pictures! I’m a messy artist. (But we call it “organized chaos”, right?)

Guess I’d better get to work!


I can make about two of these flowers per day. I will eventually stop churning out felt flowers and move on to something else. (I’m anxious to start working with polymer clay again.) But there’s something very seductive about fiber. I guess it’s the tactile quality… and the colors, of course. If you’re in Chicago the first of this December, you’ll be able to purchase these little lovelies at my booth at the One of a Kind Show.