Help – I think I’m going blind!

Every year my home town of Milwaukee hosts a huge show called the Bead and Button Show. Every year I go. Every year I pick up some tiny gemstone beads to crochet into necklaces. And every year I look at the more expensive gemstones, like rubies and emeralds and sapphires and think to myself, “One of these years…”  Well this year I fell for some beautiful pink tourmaline beads that are only about 1 to 1.5mm – tiny, tiny, tiny! I’ve crocheted tiny seed pearls before, and also some beautiful lapis heishi (that my crappy photo doesn’t do justice to at all) and they didn’t give me nearly the frustration that these tourmaline beads are giving me.  I can only work on them for about an hour at a time, at the most.  When I start to see double I know I have to put the work aside for a while and rest my eyes.

Also, for some reason the crochet hook seemed to slip under the pearls and the lapis beads much more easily than under these tourmaline beads, maybe because they’re faceted and some of them are almost disc-shaped. Whatever, they’re a challenge.

I knew that I needed a new prescription for glasses, so I went and had my eyes checked, too. (Cool new green glasses are on the way!) But I find that I can work best on these little guys without wearing my glasses at all and just holding them up pretty close to my face.  Did I say they were TINY???! I hope that 1) I don’t seriously ruin my eyesight, and 2) the resulting rope of crocheted pink tourmaline beads is worth it.



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  1. The vendor was Shivam Imports. They had a lot of really nice small 2mm and 3mm gemstone strands, including green and variegated pink and green tourmaline, but these teensy-weensy pink ones said, “Take us home!” I just wish they were easier to work with.


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