Nice try, but what was I thinking!

I don’t like this necklace…  at all.  And I can say that without fear of reprisal, because I’m the one who made it.

First of all, anyone who wore it would look like a circus clown. There’s just too much going on. I think I was trying to show off or something. Each element by itself is okay, or maybe even just a few, but the whole thing all together is just way too much.

Secondly, it looks nice all laid out in the picture (thanks, Larry), but if you wore it, it wouldn’t lay like that around your neck. It would hang all jumbled up, and when it’s all jumbled up you can’t see any individual element. When you make jewelry, it’s not enough that it looks good laying on your workbench (or in a picture); you have to think about how it’s going to look on a real person as well. And don’t get me wrong, I obviously have nothing against very theatrical jewelry! You just have to think about the statement it’s making. “Jumbled Up Circus Mess” isn’t an appealing statement for a piece of jewelry to make.

Finally, I don’t think I did a very good job with the colors. I don’t have anything against yellows and oranges — I’m not prejudiced against any colors, even though I have my favorites. I just don’t think these colors work very well. There’s not enough to keep you interested in looking at it. If I’m making a large piece, I usually like to throw in just a little bit of a “non-familial” color (maybe a cool shade of purple or pink in here and there with these particular colors to offset the warm yellows) to make it more interesting.

Maybe it could have been revisited as a necklace of just the polymer links; there’s enough going on with just them as far as color and pattern. Or just some of the elements (that’s what I’m calling the little felt and polymer hanging thingies) on a plain metal chain might look nice. Maybe it would work better as a “charm” bracelet that way instead of a necklace. That’s actually an idea I’m planning to work on.  I promise I’ll post pictures of it when I do.

My only excuse is that I was frantically working towards a deadline for publication and I had just had an accident where I fell on my head. Seriously. I’m okay now (Unless you ask my children — they may have a different opinion!), but back when I made this thing, I obviously wasn’t thinking that clearly.

So, after the photo shoot, I cannibalized it and used the elements for other projects. The chain, polymer clay around memory wire, didn’t hold up so well either. I saved some of the links and may make a charm bracelet out of them someday, but just for myself. Because the other links fell apart I’d be afraid that those I saved would fall apart someday as well. The whole darn necklace idea needed more tweaking, and should have been a “back to the drawing board” kind of thing. You know what I mean? I should have taken it apart and started over before the photo shoot. Now it’s “out there” for all to see, to my everlasting shame.

Oh, well. Every artist has work they’re not so proud of. This is one of mine.


5 responses

  1. I would like the links by themselves as a necklace. The elements are very cool, maybe if they were attached to a darker link or sterling.


  2. OK. So maybe it is too much to wear. And maybe it doesn’t hold together well enough to stay on one’s neck, but seriously… think of it as a work of art. Hang it on the wall. Frame it. It is lovely. It really is. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.

    When I first started to paint 40 years ago, I tossed a painting into the trash that I hated. Needless to say, it ended up on a friends wall to haunt me forever.


  3. oh, my god. Your idea of a fail, I have yet to succeed!!! I will allow that I understand what you are saying about remembering how it would look when it’s on, but, HOLY HOTNESS, batman!!! It’s so damnably gorgeous!!!!


  4. This post amused me because I had just been admiring it in a book! I can see what you mean with your criticisms, although as a piece to inspire and demonstrate what can be done with polymer I think it is great. And maybe it serves even better as an inspiration if someone can look at it and think “That bit is amazing but maybe if it was xyz different…”


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