A Fresh New Start

Thank you for visiting my site!  I will probably not be posting very often, but I’m back. Due to the financial crash, I had decided to go out of business, but I’m giving it another go. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. Stay tuned… and thanks, again.


6 responses

  1. So now that you’re back in business, how does one purchase your work?? I’ve had a part time polymer clay business for twenty ! years, and make enough money to support others’ work. My nursing salary pays the bills, polymer clay suppoerts my habit. Thanks, Susan


  2. Thanks, Susan. I hope to be doing art shows soon. I’d also like to sell some of my work over the internet, but I’m not quite set up for that —


  3. I deeply admire your work and I am delighted you have decided to come back and start fresh. I am just a beginner with polymer, but I am a graphic artist and I know from my experience that in art and craft field it is hard to have a flow of assignments no matter what you do really. It is good to have a few things going on in one time in different fields, to have always something coming. Another thing is to learn to let go and sometimes treat some of the work just as a way to be able to treat other one as a piece of art. In my case as I don’t want to compromise on polymer (I can’t compromise as I just started and this way I won’t learn and develop myself) so I treat graphic design as a way to earn proper money. I can clearly see you are a great artist and I wish you all the best and lots of sells in the future, hope you will not give up as this would be a great loss among other polymer artists! Big HUG!


  4. Thanks so much. Your words of encouragement really help! And good luck to you as you begin your polymer journey.


  5. Ur work is amazing, whatever happens -just don’t stop doing it 🙂
    After all, being true to urself – is all what matters. Hugs


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